Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Welcome to the brand new!

by ShaoLan


Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new We are very proud of our new site and we hope you like it too!

This site is completely free of charge and free from ads, as I believe that everyone should have the chance to appreciate and learn this beautiful language. I would also like you to understand that Chineasy is a project created and funded by ShaoLan. It is a legacy she is leaving. Chineasy is not backed by any financial institution or wealthy individuals. It is a social environment for people to learn and enjoy. All we want from you is your diligence, involvement and mutual respect to the rest of the community.

We have loads of new pages and features on this site, such as:

About: Where you can learn all about Chineasy and its creator ShaoLan Hsueh. We also have a handy FAQ page if you feel you still have some questions.

Basics: Where the learning happens. See Set I of our illustrated Chineasy characters featuring over 150 building blocks, compounds & phrases. 

Film: Watch the TED talk that started it all and watch our characters come to life in some short Chineasy animation clips.

Chineasy Life: Read about Chinese culture, its art, music, history and other fun stuff.

The Newsroom: Chineasy has a lot of things planned and this will be where to hear it first.

Contact us: Give us your feedback. We always want to hear what you think!

Now that the site is live we are going to be continuously updating it with new material so visit us daily to get the latest information. We also plan to have sound so you will be able to pronounce the characters and phrases you learn from here. Watch this space! Of course, you can still find us at all of our Social Media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. We will keep updating all of our Social Media pages. The weekly newsletter will be our platform for breaking news, events, as well as a summary of new teaching material. But, we hope that this website will be a place that all Chineasy fans can access, not just those who follow social media.

Finally, we hope that this site will make your Chinese learning experience enjoyable and effective!





Pinyin: 她 ta1


Pinyin: 牢 liao2